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Growing up in rural Pennsylvania in the United States, the music that surrounded me was often country and pop music. During the summer of 2005 on a family vacation to the beach, I bought a dance music compilation and fell in love with the genre. I needed to share my love of dance music and that was the day Energy 93 was born. Energy 93 was founded on July 25, 2005. When I first created Energy, it was merely me playing the newest dance songs for my friends through AIM and Yahoo messenger using a mic in front of computer speaker. My friends would vote on what songs they liked and didn't like. I'm sure the quality was crappy, but I would doing something that I loved and those who listened supported me. In early 2007, I moved the station to a dedicated server and Energy was now world-wide. Energy 93 would then join the Listen.FM station line-up on February 1st, 2008. In the past 15 years, Energy has grown into the premier European dance music station in the world for today's biggest hits and yesterday's favorites.
--Thank you, Joshua Fries (Owner/Program Director)